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R700 not xmitting on 2.4GHz

New Contributor II
I have 5 R700 Waps and a ZD 1200 and two of the WAPS are showing an amber light for the 2.4GHz band, I am trying to figure if they are faulty or there is setting that is preventing them xmittin, I am not an IT giuy and this is all new to me. Any help is sincerely appreciated

New Contributor III
Hi Jon,

The Amber light indicated that the WLAN is up but no clients are connected.


Hi, thanks, I just updated my post, the issue is that I am unable to connect 2.4 GHz equipment to my WAP's, In the past with other WAP's I have seen two connections available 2.4 and 5, on my current setup I only see one SSID and I assume its 5GHz. How do I know if there is a 2.4 connection available?

Hi Jon,

You can SSH into the AP and run the below command and paste the output

get wlanlist


OK. I am not on site now. Ill do that tonight and post the output of the query. Thanks - Jon