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Different VLANs for each H510 AP on data ports

New Contributor III
Is it this scenario possible?
We will be deploying around 300+ units of H510 APs for each room on a hotel but the requirement is that each room has its own VLAN on the data ports which is for the AP. 
I presume that the ssid will be the same but the data ports will be different for each of the room. 300+ APs = 300+ VLANs

We will be using a Cisco 3650 switch and a ZoneDirector 3000..

New Contributor III

you have to have the uplink as a trunk port and untag the  the desired VLANs for the Wired ports and the broadcasted SSID

New Contributor III
On my typical configurations I untag the VLAN for the AP management and then tag VLANs for the SSIDs.
How can I set it on the ZoneDirector or on the switch that whenever someone tries to plug thru the wire it has a different VLAN and also applies to other rooms? 

New Contributor III
I use to use the below config.... where VLan 2 will be the WLAN VLAN and VLan 10 will be the mgmt VLAN and 113 will be the VLAN for the Wired port from the AP

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/2
 description Room No 133
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk permit vlan 1 to 2 10 113
 port trunk pvid vlan 113
 poe enable

New Contributor III
Meaning to say that the native vlan here is VLAN 113 right?
How can the Ruckus AP when inserted on a switchport sees or acquire an IP address if the port is untagged to a VLAN intended for guest wired port? Does the AP automatically joins the ZD controller for this configuration?