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Slow downlink speeds - R750 Unleashed

New Contributor

Hi all!

I'm having some problems getting full WIFI 6 downlink speeds (uplink is good) from my NAS using my R750. Note, i have another WiFi 6 AP (Asus AX92U) which i troubleshooted with. This AP did not have the same speed problems.

Hardware I used to test:


Truenas build with 2.5gbe NICs (as iperf3 server/client).


Windows 10 PC with intel AX200 (Also tested with usb 2.5gbe NIC)

Windows 10 Laptop with intel AX210 (Also tested with usb 2.5gbe NIC)

Oneplus 9 pro - WiFi 6 capable.


R750 (Unleashed - connected to 2.5gbe LAN port on NAS, set up using Bridging within truenas.

Iperf results: 

2.5gbe NIC with Windows 10 PC:  2.352Gb DOWN / 1.952Gb UP

Windows 10 with AX200/AX210:   520Mb DOWN / 904Mb UP

BONUS SpeedFlex results:

OP9: TCP: 490Mb DOWN / 1.05Gb UP



Some devices have issues downloading at full speed using DFS 5G channels. Try setting the R750 5g to channel 36–48 or 149–161, whichever is is farthest away from the 5g channel the asus has selected, and then re-run the test.


Did you try using IPERF through the Ruckus and not Speedflex as is usually pretty accurate but can have issues if there are other processes using the CPU?  What switching platform are you using for the 2.5gb links on the wireless and what is the poe power in wattage you are getting to the Ruckus R750?  Are you using a POE injector or a POE switch?