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R510 Network Slow Speeds averaging 30-50 Mbps

New Contributor III
I have 3 R510's in my home.  1 for each floor, ceiling mounted and placed central to each floor.   None of the clients on our network can ever achieve more than 50Mbps.   My PC which is 15ft around a slight corner from the AP got 30 Mbps down and 80Mbps up on an AP to Client speed test.

I am fairly technical, but Wi-Fi AP's is not my specialty.   I found this great thread where changing the setting from "performance" to "compatibility" helped tremendously.

I don't see anything like that.

I have 1GB cable modem, and am about to change my network to a Dual Wan 1Gb Fiber Connection + a 200Mbps Cable connection.  But none of this does any good if the clients are stuck at 30Mbps.

Any thoughts on how to optimize this network?


Contributor III
Ohhh 30mb/s is very slow for a device on wifi, especially with the proximity you're talking about. 
Iperf3 server on wired eth port of your 7150, and your Wi-Fi client device ( don't feel shy about posting driver info about that Client device) and test with `Iperf3 -c [insert IP address here, no brackets]` Which tests upload, then test with the `-R` switch, which tests download. you may consider kicking off all other clients from your AP first, just to rule out the possibility of a B client blowing up your Wi-Fi speeds, cuz as we know, once a B client joins, it slows the network down for everyone. THEN TEST!

Thank you, I will take some time and review this

I assume that all ap's are cabled to your modem/switch/router? So not with mesh.

That is correct.    
Cable Modem -- eth --> Mikrotik Router -- eth --> Gb Switch -- eth --> AP's

Oke and did you do a speedtest with your laptop directly connected with your modem? What is the up and down speed then?