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r310 setup problems

New Contributor II

Trying to setup a new Ruckus R310, but per the configuration guide, but I do not get the configure.meXXYYZZ SSID broadcast. I have reset the unit at least three times, and I can reach the AP through the web interface, but there is no way to enable any of the radios from there. Any help would be appreciated.

Contributor III
Hi Warran,

    Where did you get the Ruckus R310? is it a R310 Unleashed or is a plain Zoneflex R310?  trying to see which firmware was default installed either unleashed or standalone... did you get a Wizard guide or not?

On the web interface do you get just a status for the radios and no tab configuration for 2ghz or 5ghz radios?

Can you give me a screen shot of the web interface you see?

Hi Hayek,
I have managed to solve the problem. The unit was flashed to operate with a zone flex controller, I reflashed it with the unleashed firmware and it all came good from there.

Thank you for offering to assist though.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Warren,

Since you can get into the GUI but unable see enable option to enable radio, I guess you are not getting the "Configure" tab. 

Is it running on any of the controller version? Check the software version.
Screen shot of the webpage along with the software version will help us to understand the issue.

Factory reset should allow you to configure the Radios even tough it is running on controller version. Unless the AP is able to reach one of the controller in the network but unable to join.