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R510 Network Slow Speeds averaging 30-50 Mbps

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I have 3 R510's in my home.  1 for each floor, ceiling mounted and placed central to each floor.   None of the clients on our network can ever achieve more than 50Mbps.   My PC which is 15ft around a slight corner from the AP got 30 Mbps down and 80Mbps up on an AP to Client speed test.

I am fairly technical, but Wi-Fi AP's is not my specialty.   I found this great thread where changing the setting from "performance" to "compatibility" helped tremendously.

I don't see anything like that.

I have 1GB cable modem, and am about to change my network to a Dual Wan 1Gb Fiber Connection + a 200Mbps Cable connection.  But none of this does any good if the clients are stuck at 30Mbps.

Any thoughts on how to optimize this network?


Thanks John... I'm up to 150 so that is better for sure.  I'll get an 802.11ac adapter and see how we do.

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SNR for current client is 56 to closest AP and 49 to Main AP which is just below my computer on the 1st floor

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Community Admin
Hi David,

I don't want to generalize it but you could try tweaking below settings and see how much it can improve.

- Enable the OFDM.
- Set BSS min rate set to 12 Mbps.
- Enable band balancing and force clients to 5G radio.
- Disable overlapping channels on 2.4 G radio.
- Set channelization to 40 for 2.4 Radio and 80 for 5 Ghz (though it depends upon clien UE wireless capabilities what max speed it can achieve).
- Disable the self healing.
- Change scanning mechanism from channel fly to background scanning (set it to 600-1000 for 2.4 G and 600 for 5G).
- Enable 802.11N/AC only (Assuming that you don't have very old devices which only supports a/b/g and not n/ac).
- Set tx power to full (If it was modified to lower values manually).

Also I want to point that R510 APs can maximum support upto 867Mbps (if UE supports 802.11ac and connecting to 80MHz in ideal conditions).

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New Contributor III
Thanks, I just got an 802.11ac adapter and my bandwidth is now around 200mbps.  With 30+ clients connecting (smart home stuff everywhere) as well as my wife working downstairs, I think this is a pretty acceptable rate.  I'm going to try the changes suggested above to test and see if there is any increase, I suspect anything at this point is incremental.

Thanks all

Cool man, glad we could help you review. it's a powerful reminder that sometimes, what's written on the side of the box isn't what we get when equipment is put into production. Take care and be safe!