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R510 Hostname

New Contributor II
So a couple of things:

1. I set up a reserved IP for my printer (Epson).  Reason being I am getting occasional power glitches so the Ruckus assigns a different IP to the printer.  I have configured the printer TCP/IP Port to the Ruckus supplied IP.   Unless there is a way in the printer config to fix this...not sure?

2. When I run an IP scan (I use the Angry IP Scanner) on my local network, the Ruckus result is not showing a hostname. I can SSH into the 510,  but can't find the command to show or change the hostname?

New Contributor II
Hello Raymond,

1) I'm not entirely sure what you're asking in question 1. How to configure an IP reservation in the AP DHCP, for a client, in Unleashed?

2) Please see below:

a) To set a device name from SSH use the following commands, written in bold:

     set device-name LIVING-ROOM-R700

b) To see the device-name of an AP in SSH:

     get device-name

Example output:

     rkscli: get device-name
     device name : 'LIVING-ROOM-R700'


So clarifying #1,  if I have a reserved IP, for my printer in this case, and if the Ruckus is power cycled, it appears I loose the reserved IP for the printer and get a new IP.   Is that normal? 

Who is active as DHCP server in the network? 

If it is Unleashed master AP and you have just one Unleashed AP in the network, rebooting AP will delete the lease, but if you have more than one AP in the network (at least one Unleashed AP online all the time and not rebooting all APs together) then existing master AP will maintain the lease.

If you have an external DHCP then AP has nothing to do with its lease time, AP will simply forward the traffic when client will reconnect after AP reboot and DHCP server should give the same lease (If previous lease maintained by DHCP server and still not expired).

Syamantak Omer
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So I did not set up the network in my house.  This was done by an Amazon IT guy as the house includes the Amazon Alexa features.  Amazon supplied a lot of the infrastructure equipment.   I believe I only have the Ruckus R510.  It is included in a cabinet in my Master BR closet.  There are other devices there too for fibre and other features like Ring.   Now, there is a device mounted on my living room ceiling that, I believe is a WiFi AP? Not sure what it's IP is or how I can access it?