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R500 APs keep losing heardbeat, disconnecting and then reconnecting each day at the same time, why?

New Contributor II
Hi.  My R500s keep disconnecting and then reconnecting each day at the same time (6:01pm) according to the monitor log.  It's really odd and they just started doing this recently.  Perhaps I made a change to a configuration or something that caused this?  I don't use mesh, have 3 R500s and a ZD 1200 connected to Verizon FIOS Gigabit internet and have setup separate 2.4gb and 5gb networks.  Thanks

New Contributor II
Yes every day at the same time. So weird. Did I mess up a configuration or something? I will check the logs too. Thanks

I think the same as Micheal.

Check for excessive multicast packets at that time though packet mirror.

And not likely your configuration, if you didn't change anything.
Next question: where are the APs located, relative to your ZD?  Are they on the same LAN in the same building, or remote over a WAN link? 
(meaning could it just be remote APs that are disconnecting?)
Or...If the ZD and APs are all on the same LAN at the same location, are there other servers/services using the same subnet that could be broadcasting or transmitting large files around 6pm?

New Contributor II
My setup is simple at our home. The ZD1200 and 3 wired R500s. No mesh. Have been using it well for 3+ years. Only recent big change was upgrading to FIOS Giga internet speed which Is handled well by both my wired and wireless devices. Don’t have any daily 6pm file transfers or anything like that. Logs just say headbeat lost and then the APs reconnect quickly so no real service impact except for that one minute or so.

Hi Christopher, yep, sounds like simple home LAN and not sure why APs would say they are disconnect/reconnecting.
Please pick a MAC address from one of your APs in the Monitor/Access Points page, and enter it in Administer/Diagnostics page, under Debug Logs section, with Access Points box checked, then Apply.
Tomorrow (or when you see a bounce) click the Save System Log under the System Logs section, for a file you can parse thru with NotePad++.
You can also 'click here' and look for your AP activity in the box.
We'd like to know what events are occurring around 6pm, if you take a look at 6:15 or so.