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Does Unleashed Firmware works fine on Rackus 7372 AP?

New Contributor
Hi Team, 

We had Rackus 7372 AP with Software Version: setup in our office, but lately from past two months we were facing a lot of interference with other WiFi connection and due to that a lot of internet connection issues occurred frequently. 

Recently, we have upgraded the software version to (Rackus Unleashed) on Rackus 7372 on one of our router, which is working fine. And now we are planning to upgrade the software on rest of the routers in our office.

But as per the documentation, I can see that Rackus Unleased is supported only for Rackus 500+.  

Can you please help us know what can be the issues we may face installing Unleashed software for Rackus 7372?

Valued Contributor
Hi Abhaya,

Unleashed is not supported on the 7372 AP platform. I've not been able to find any documentation stating it should work at all, so it won't be possible to say what issues you may or may not experience and is definitely not recommended.


New Contributor III
Hi Abhaya,
as my colleague says It is not supported which does not mean the software won't work on the AP but If you hit issues you won't get support from Ruckus Support. So I don't recommend you doing that either.

Best Regards.

Contributor III
Hi Abhaya,

Seriously you have used unleashed firmware on AP7372, and it's working. Wow!!! If it is, then you have just Unleashed another potential of reusing those 7372 but in the past when Unleashed was introduced I wrongly installed the Unleashed firmware on another AP which turned into brick, and I don't think that they are covered under warranty (RTF/AR).

It is interesting, I don't have any ZF7372 with me to test this; could you please share AP support info from that AP.

Abilash PR

Contributor II
Your best bet is to either: Upgrade the APs to newer models with more capability or get a Zone Director controller to manage the 7372.  the ZD1200 is pretty cost-effective and gives you excellent manageability on the Ruckus network.