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Question regarding firmware for Zonedirector 3000

New Contributor III
We have a new Zonedirector 3000, with firmware version build 15, and we have about 25 zoneflex 7962 access points with the same firmware My questions are, if I upgrade the firmware on the ZD, are the APs also upgraded? Also, we are going to be adding new APs, what are recommended APs compatible with he ZD3000?


Contributor III
**Always read the release notes of FW you're thinking of upgrading to**
The 7962 is by now an ancient AP, and might not be supported by the firmware you're intending to upgrade to. Answering _Part_ of your question, yes the Firmware for the ZD caries new FW for the APs. APs are then systematically upgraded, provisioned and rebooted. As for APs, I think that's more of a discovery and needs analysis issue. Do you have POE? how bout 30w of PoE AT? if so, get an R610, got a super dense concert venue you are trying to provide Signal to AND PoH? R720. I personally like R710's for their outstanding range and performance, and low-ish power consumption (PoE AT, 30w).
Best of Luck!

New Contributor III
Hi Matt,

If you upgrade the ZD, the APs will also be upgraded and the wifi service is interrupted for your users. This should be done during a maintenance window.

The ZF7962 are only supported until version 9.8 (latest Make sure that the new version you choose for the ZD3000 is not more than 9.8.
There are no recommended APs for ZD3000. You have to make sure that the firmware version you choose is compatible with the AP models: for example if you use 9.8.x. you can use ZF7962 but you cannot use R710 model APs.


New Contributor III
Gotcha. Thanks so much for your response. So if we upgraded the ZD to FW version 9.8, (which would upgrade the 7962 APs) and wanted to add new APs into the mix, all we'd need to do is make sure that the new APs we purchase have the same or lower FW, correct?

New Contributor III
You should make sure that the release version used is compatible with the AP model. You can see this information in the release notes (section Supported Platforms).

If you buy a ZF7982 or R700 which is running 9.9 and approve it on your ZD running 9.8, this AP will join the ZD and will downgrade to 9.8.