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Old Ruckus APs

New Contributor

Hello everyone,

I want to help my friend to rebuild fairly large (in the sense of surface) hotspot network in hotel. Everything is set (captive portal, radius) aside of APs.

I can buy, fairly cheap, old Ruckus hardware (Zoneflex 7363,7962,7942,7352 etc) and here is the question:

will they work as simple dumb APs, just for spreading wifi all over?All i need is wifi ap with poe power. I have heard they have very good redios with decent antenas and are pretty solid in general.

i know there are a lot of old hardware, but usually they need some sort of controller (MERU,TRAPEZE etc).

Best regards

New Contributor III
They will operate as standalone APs, as long as you carefully design the network, they'll work fine with Ruckus style coverage.  I have no clue where you are looking for the old APs, but there is a chance you'll find an old controller anyways with older firmware, you'll be able to take advantage of many additional features with that option.