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Problem with Wpad.dat file on ZoneDirector 3000

New Contributor III

I’ve got ZoneDirector 3000 with ZoneFlex 7363 APs, with two WLANs – Internal and Guest. I have changed my IP addresses on the network and would like to change wpad.dat on ZoneDirector to point to new proxy server IP. I navigate to “Configure” – “WLANs”, click on “Edit” my Internal network, click “Advanced Settings” and in “Auto-Proxy” it set to Wpad.dat that is saved on ZoneDirector with address I clicked on the link and downloaded wpad.dat file, changed IP addresses and saved it on my PC, clicked on “Browse” button selected my new wpad.dat file and clicked “Import”, I get a warning that wpad file will be overwritten, clicked OK and there is no change. It would not replace the file. Is there a way of removing the wpad.dat file from ZoneDirector or somehow force it to replace it? Can it be done using Command Line Interface?

Thank you.