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I have several new R320 ap's and a vscg-E running and they will not join.

I have several new R320 ap's and a vscg-E running with AP Patch 2150 and cannot get these to join my VSCG and they are on the same subnet.  Pretty frustrating .  I have set the SCG to the VSCG's ip and also did a set director to the vscg's ip and they will not bring up an SSH tunnel to the controller.  Installed unleashed on them and then  uploaded the m back to and they will not join.  Need help from support  on this one probably.

Esteemed Contributor II
With a Solo image try 'set scg ip' instead of 'set director ip'...

I did that per my message and I have the same result, I did a set director also as in the past we have had that work.  So neither the Set SCG IP nor the Set Director work.

Contributor III
I had some issues on Zone Director with the country code of the APs not matching the country-code on the ZD. Haven't seen this yet on SZ but are your APs  a US Part Number by any chance (and your SZ configured for non-US devices?) Its a long-shot and I know you mention that you don't see the SSH tunnel established.. but just checking.

If you can mirror traffic on the switch hosting the AP, do you see it trying to initiate ANY connection to SZ?

They are US AP's and the VSCG is one I use on our test bed that will take any other AP's but not these 320's.  Setting up a monitor port so that I can do a capture.