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P300 SpeedFlex test , is it accurate?

New Contributor II
Using a P300 bridge about a quarter of a mile apart to connect a ZoneDirector 1106 to six 7782 APs. We were expecting at least 500Mbps up to 900Mbps throughput from the P300 bridge but are only getting about 200Mbps or less using Speed Flex.
Any ideas why so slow?

Valued Contributor II
SpeedFlex unfortunately is a pretty accurate and even optimistic estimate of the maximum TCP (and UDP respectively) throughputs you can expect to see across the link.

I'm not sure that 900mbits of throughput is what I would expect.... The P300 is 2x2:2 802.11ac, so even with 80MHz channels, the max PHY rate is 867mbit/s, but actual data rate will be lower due to wifi signaling overhead as well as IP overhead, noise, and signal degradation.

But that's not to say that 200 or less is what you should expect, though. Just pointing out, the intrinsic physical limits of 802.11ac 2-stream wifi makes 900mbit not reasonable. I would say around 500-600mbit is the highest rate you would expect to see in Speedflex with a pair of P300's in the most ideal of signal conditions.

Contributor III
I would be surprised to see a 2nd spacial stream hit on a P-P bridge even at 1/4 mile. What channel width are you using? Presuming you have a properly aligned link and have adequate clearance of obstacles through the link?

New Contributor II
Channel with is 40. Signal is RSSl 48 and pure line of sight with no obstacles.

New Contributor II
I see you mention 80 MHZ width Channel. We were told to use 40. Is that our problem?