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R500 doing DNS queries to every 7 seconds?

New Contributor
I had a look at the DNS queries flowing through my network and noticed the ruckus device is querying DNS for every 7 seconds! It gets back a CNAME of two CDN servers. Is this a configurable setting? Whis is it doing this so frequently?

New Contributor
I have a R710 doing the same thing for a while. For the past 1week I am showing about 19,000 requests. I have searched Google quite a bit but have not found any help.  Have you found any solution for this?

In my case, I am running on latest Unleashed firmware (latest and previous 1-2 versions did the same thing).  It's a single AP deployment, site-manager is NOT being used, NTP server is local, remote management is disabled, mobile app notification push is also disabled. 
Finally, one strange note... the unit is not able to be registered (product registration) through the firmware.  Error message is "Serial number is not valid for regisration." and no I didn't misspell it, Ruckus did 🙂  So I have a plausible theory is that it's sending some sort of metadata to Ruckus as this configuration page states "Please be advised that products will periodically connect to Ruckus and Ruckus will collect the serial number, software version and build number in order to determine the current support status on the products."