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OSX Clients Connected to AP, but not passing traffic

Anyone else experiencing issues with OSX clients connecting to APs, then randomly not being able to pass traffic/browse the internet?

We're seeing this primarily with OSX 10.11 clients. We have ZD1200s and R710s running 9.13.1

Ruckus support's latest fix was enabling Proxy ARP or upgrading to Sierra. But we just experienced the same issue with a Sierra device.

New Contributor
Are you using Juniper by any chance? Ruckus also suggest proxy arp/sierra. I can confirm that what we are experiencing is NOT related to any wpa2 corruption.

I highly recommend running a packet capture at the port(s) on your network device that connects to you APs and see if you experience the same traffic patterns as what I described (no return traffic coming back to the APs.).

We do not use 802.1x. Since you have to reconnect your wifi connection manually, there is a possibility you are in fact seeing a gtk/ptk issue (you should be able to easily verify this yourself with packet capture).

No to Juniper. I'll try the packet capture. Thanks

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i got one customer with ZD1200 on 9.12 and 2*r700 & R300, They have MBP wth sierra with similar issue as you guys mentioned
I have asked them to try the suggestions on this post as it seems to solve following issue:

  • The Mac disconnects from wi-fi when wakes from sleep
  • macOS Sierra drops wi-fi connections or disconnects from wireless at random
  • Wi-Fi connections are unusually slow or have a higher ping than usual after updating to macOS Sierra

May be this helps..

I have writte sleep wakeup script that can switch on wi-fi after wakeup, and before sleep I put the Wi-Fi card off. My macbook retina with Sierra work now perfectly. I digged into logs deeply and it is completely mac problem when firmware fails to intialize. Mine even failed to shutdown correctly before sleep.

Interesting fixes, but those are a bit more invasive than I would like to do for all of our clients. Ideally, we'll see a true fix from Apple or Ruckus soon.