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How to Choose The Speed One Connects With

New Contributor

I've found out that the Ruckus 510 APs that were installed in the new house I bought show only one network when I look at available networks, but it has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios. However, it automatically assigns devices to one of the two without me being able to choose which one. I just bought a Fire TV Recast device, which allows me to view and record over the air TV. However, my Ruckus has automatically assigned it to the 2.4 GHz radio, while I feel a video device should be on the 5GHz one. Is there any way to force it on my preferred one?


New Contributor III

Easy one here. The AP's don't assign and it's permanent. They will switch back and forth between bands based on the best signal and performance. If you want a device on a dedicated 5ghz band you'll need to setup a separate 5ghz only network with a different name. I've done this and connected several devices that are stationary and it works pretty well. Although, the R510's as a product simply suck. Their performance is drastically subpar to a standard router even with all the firmware updates. I'm only using them because they were free and in my ceiling. I'm on a gigabit network and never get download or upload speeds above 250 mbps over the air no matter where I am or what channel or network band I'm on. 

So how do I set up a separate 5ghz network on this equipment? I have a ICX 7150-c12p switch feeding these.

New Contributor III

You can do it from the Ruckus app or by logging into them at if you're running unleashed. Not sure if not. 

New Contributor III

You can try a few things. But client devices are the ones that choose what radio is the best.

1. Use bandsteering

2. Lower the power of the 2.4ghz radio. To make the 5ghz radio more attractive to the client device.