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OSX Clients Connected to AP, but not passing traffic

Anyone else experiencing issues with OSX clients connecting to APs, then randomly not being able to pass traffic/browse the internet?

We're seeing this primarily with OSX 10.11 clients. We have ZD1200s and R710s running 9.13.1

Ruckus support's latest fix was enabling Proxy ARP or upgrading to Sierra. But we just experienced the same issue with a Sierra device.

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As a reply to ThX..

We are doing an event in Dubai at this very moment with about 1700 users at the Dubai Autodrome.. We run vSZ to control about 30 AP's.

The only problem we faced during this week: A group of Apple devices are not able to connect.. Android devices: No issues!

So a vSZ is NOT a fix by default.

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Good to know. I would have accepted the fix but not the reason. A Sz or Zd should have the same standard configs and abilities under 802.11.

I have had much better luck after enabling ofdm-only. I am in K12 education and if i have any B clients in not doing my job anyway.

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We're experiencing this issue on OSX 10.10-10.11.  Have yet to confirm if it's occurring on 10.12 since we have yet to upgrade our Macs to Sierra.  

We have ZD1200 and (10) r710 APs.  I was just told from a tech support rep to upgrade controller to 9.13.3.  We're on 9.12.2 so it's probably time to upgrade but curious to see if anyone has seen it help?  

I don't believe they've fixed the bugs in least not from the release notes. My understanding is they are still working with Apple to resolve. Proxy ARP will probably be your best bet until they issue a fix. We were also told to configure background scanning at 20 seconds to address the bar kick out bug in OSX.

In terms of wireless reliability, 10.12.2 has been much more stable.

+1.. We are running 9.13.3 and can confirm that the problem isn't fixed there, but proxy arp definitely helped a lot.