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Not working

New Contributor

Hello my ruckus is not working properly. When connected to the Verizon Fios router directly I have internet connection   However when connecting to the ruckus access points it is not working. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @gpatel17 

On the "Internet" page, are you seeing the Green "right" icon for Gateway, DNS and says "Connected" for Internet?

If not, please ensure that you have the correct ISP settings under Admin & Services >> System >> IP Settings >> Gateway Mode 

Hello thank you for your message. I’m not sure what is being asked here. I’m sorry I’m not that tech savvy. 

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi gpatel17


Before connecting the Ruckus AP  directly to the router. Please connect the PC to the same port and use the DHCP option to receive the IP address and check if the PC is receiving the internet.

Please make sure the AP is running in standalone version.

Please connect the AP to the same port and login with default credentials.

username/password ---super/sp-admin and configure the SSID under configuration >> Radio 2.4G and Radio 5G>> save the configuration

Under Configuration>> Internet>> Select the IPV4 connection modeas DHCP and IPV4 DNS as Auto option >> Update settings.



If you want to use AP as DHCP server you could configure under configuration >>local subnet.

Please connect to the SSID and check if user is able to receive the ip address and connect to the internet.


Sunil Acharya


Hello I have a MacBook, which does not have an Ethernet port. Are you saying to connect the ruckus to my computer via cable?