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Not working

New Contributor

Hello my ruckus is not working properly. When connected to the Verizon Fios router directly I have internet connection   However when connecting to the ruckus access points it is not working. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @gpatel17 
What Sunil meant was to connecting the cable from your PC to the same port on the Router (where the AP is connected) and check if the PC is able to get the internet.

By any chance do you know if the AP is running on Unleashed version or Standalone version?
Are you able to access the AP GUI?
We might need few details if you have access to the GUI.

New Contributor

Can you please explain how do I get to unleashed api gui page ? I am trying to connect to ruckus api via my laptop but not sure the url. I tried or but none of them worked. 

I am able to connect to internet through my router or connecting router directly through laptop and it worked

Hi @gpatel17 

If you are connecting the laptop to AP via wifi, then follow the below steps:
1. Turn on the Wifi on laptop.
2. Connect to the SSID, for example "" with no password (When the AP is set to factory default) or any configured SSID on the AP.
3. Once connected open the browser and access " or the default IP or the IP obtained from DHCP.

If you are connecting the Laptop to the Ethernet port of the switch\router:
1. Set the IP of the Laptop to same IP subnet\network as AP's (ex if the AP is in default IP network).
2. Make sure you are able to ping the AP's IP address.
Then follow the same instruction from point 3 as above.

Hi thank you for your response. I just tried this and it is still not working. When connecting directly to the Verizon router I have full internet. When connecting to the ruckus access points I don’t have internet. 

Hi @gpatel17 
Are you able to login to the AP GUI via browser?
If yes, can you share the screen shot of the "Internet" tab?
I would like to see the below parameters
Green "right" icon for Gateway, DNS and says "Connected" for Internet