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Network refresh 7363s to r510s

New Contributor II
I don't see a compatible firmware that supports both 7363s and r510s. The only way I can think of to avoid downtime is to sever the connection from 7363 radios and the 1200 on firmware 9.12 to force them to operate autonomously until I connect a new AP and repair the connection, with newer firmware on the ZD. I'll probably do it with VLANs. Would this work, and if so, for how long will the 7363s continue to operate?

New Contributor II
Sounds like there is no real solution here. The standalone firmware will be too time consuming to accomplish, and we can't use unleashed. I think we're just going to do a live cutover and hang APs as we go. I do like the idea of transitioning the old APs to an old ZD for temporary, I think we might have a few lying around.

Actually, creating an Unleashed network with the R510s was a good idea from David...

You can re-flash the AP code, but if you bought non-Unleashed R510s, you'd get the same for return if warranted.(and would need to re-flash the AP to join your Unleashed)

We have more than 25 APs at this deployment, and a number of client devices approaching 500. Otherwise, that might be a reasonable solution.

I would hang the new APs. They won't have the capacity to associate with the ZD, in light of the fact that they won't have the capacity to downsize to the ZD variant. Old APs would keep on working
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buy a 2nd 1200 and RDY support (it doesnt cost much). Create a HA pair so the licenses sync. Then break the pair (it will keep licenses for a period of time) , upgrade the secondary to the new load, connect the R510's to the upgraded controller and then when all 7363's are removed, default the primary controller and recreate the HA pair