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Network Issues with M1 Pro and Max devices

New Contributor


On our site we own about ~150 Macbook pro devices, most of them are the new M1 Pro and Max devices.

some of the devices are having strange network issues.

here are some of the issues we had in the last 9 months:

  • network card suddenly reboots and gets back to the same network.
  • latency jumping from 4-5ms to to 300-400ms for few sec (very frustrating in Zoom calls)

we are using Ruckus R550/R650 and R750 connected to BB 10G Ruckus.

all the devices are up-to-date MacOS 13.0.1 or 12.6.1

this issue isn't appirse on Windows or Linux devices.

important: employees saying they aren't having those issues at home (different brand)

the AP is configured according to Apple recommendation Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points – Apple Support (UK)


After 9 months and we still investigate it ..


hope that salvation will come from here.