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Tile app (bluetooth beacons) and Ruckus location tracking

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We have a bunch of r720s, but I'm new to the concept of Bluetooth APs and asset tracking.

I read that Tile, the lost-item finder app, announced a partnership with Ruckus in Jan 2018 according to

According to another article in 2018, San Jose Airport uses Cassia access points to send live location data to the Tile app.

This would be great for keeping track of portable AV assets (such as a loan projector with some sort of inexpensive bluetooth tag attached).

What are our options for tracking assets? What do we need, and what's compatible?
Where does Ruckus SPoT asset tracking fit in this picture? And what about Tile?

And at the end of the day, what app/interface would our staff use when they want to know which building they should look for a particular asset?

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Looking at the partners, it seems like Ruckus has dropped Tile and formed a new partnership in this space

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Hi Ben,

SPOT would be a good option if you want to look for the AP location.

Ruckus Wireless Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) measures clients’ received signal strengths and reports the measurements to one or more location servers (LS), which determine each client’s location.

Check out the below documents for more information.


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Thanks Sanjay, the FAQ is very helpful, but raises more questions

The user guide implies Asset Tracking is only for WiFi devices - is it not available for bluetooth?

"Asset TrackingSPoT and vSPoT can be used for real-time device tracking purposes...By providing a catalog of WiFi devices to be tracked via a CSV file upload, the real time position of these Devices will be displayed on the Analytics Dashboard."

Or do we need the IoT modules and suite for this to happen?

Is the IoT Suite provided with the IoT modules?

Also, if we want to track 5 assets with SPoT and have 80 access points, we'd need to buy 80 licences?

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Ben,

SPoT do not supports Bluetooth. For Bluetooth support you should consider Ruckus IoT Suite.

IoT Suite is not provided with modules, so you have to purchase compatible APs which supports IoT + IoT modules separately.

To know more about Ruckus IoT, please refer below links.

Syamanak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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We have started installing our new R650s with IoT.

I don't see any mention of the Tile partnership in the links. How does the Tile partnership work? Or was that a short-term experiment?