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Need a device to cover 100x30 meters and 40 simultaneous users.

New Contributor II

I need one or more Ruckus device to cover an area of 100x30 meters, a wharehouse with no barrier. Number of simultaneous users: 40.

Which model you guys suggest me to buy?

Contributor III
What type of client device will you be supplying Wi-Fi for? Also, are we to assume the area (about 30,000sqft in the US) is just an open space?

New Contributor III
your best is to use a site survey software (ie Ekahau is one) to figure out which model you will need.
It is more than just providing coverage, it is also about capacity and not just in terms of # of users.

1. What applications will they be using?
2. What types of devices will be used on the network?
3. Are all the users concurrent?
4. Are there any VOIP requirements
5. Ceiling height
6. Type of materials inside the warehouse.
7. Where do you want coverage? 
8. # of devices per person

Etc. This is just scratching the surface. 

I would suggest to reach out to your local Ruckus Partner and if you don't have one
You can search through our locator


1. Not heavy application
2. Smartphones, Computers and Laptops
3. 24 concurrent users
4. No VoIP requirements
5. 32 ft height
6. metal columns (just some)
7. total space
8. 1 device per person

New Contributor II
Hi Andrew!

Devices: Smartphones, Computers, Laptops.
Space: 9842 sqft and 32ft height and 24 injection machines. Most part of the space is free from barriers (almost 70%).