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WLAN dropping clients frequently

New Contributor II
I am troubleshooting an ongoing issue with our wireless network at one of our locations.

Basically what's happening is that clients are getting dropped from the wireless network randomly and frequently. This is happening on all Windows 10 HP ProBook laptops with the Realtek RTL8822BE 802.11ac PCIe adapter. Updating the driver may or may not help.

The clients wireless will stop working and then a minute later, a yellow triangle will appear on the wifi icon in their notification area. Choosing "troubleshoot problems" usually results in a "default gateway not found" then it will reattach to the wireless network. Sometimes it will result in a "check your router or modem."

Are there any settings I can check in the Unleashed controller that may help determine if it's the WLAN or if it's the devices themselves? I haven't heard or noticed problems from mobile devices, mostly laptops, which leads me to believe there may be a hardware issue. I just want to rule out the Ruckus AP's and the Unleashed controller.

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

New Contributor III
What encryption and Authentication you have set on WLAN?

New Contributor II
Open auth, PSK, WPA2

Valued Contributor
Hi Connor,

Is the problem you describe limited just to the HP Probooks but not other clients?  If this is the case then I'd certainly recommend updating the driver on at least one of them and seeing if this resolves the issue.


Hi Darrel, 

Thanks for the response! Yes, as far as I know. To be clear, we almost exclusively utilize HP ProBooks across our organization.

I have actually updated the drivers on these computers for the RTL8822BE. I've usually done this through the Device Manager MMC, and for some users it helped, and for one in particular it actually exacerbated the problem. In fact, this user has issues at multiple sites -- all using Ruckus. Like I said, I also believe it probably is a hardware issue. I'm simply wondering if there's anything I can do on my end to verify that the WLAN is not the issue.

Apparently, despite Device Manager saying the drivers are up to date, there are additional drivers available through HP for these devices. I haven't confirmed that installing additional drivers has fixed the problem.