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Multiple VLANs on R550

New Contributor II

I am not able to get my R550 to pick up the right IP settings... On my switch I am doing DHCP Services. Lets say VLAN 100 with IP Addresses of

Ideally, I want the R550 to get an IP Address in the VLAN 100 range and then give the wireless clients IP Addresses from the Pools I have made on the Controller, let's say they are VLAN 200 with IP Addresses of

On my switch I have VLAN native 100 and VLAN trunk allowed all

On my controller I have gone into the AP specific options and:
      enabled mode specific control override zone configuration

Then in the Port Settings section I have LAN 1 set as default trunk port WAN.

I have LAN 2 set a profile I made for the Ethernet Port called Testing. Under the Ethernet Port Usage, I have it on local subnet (LAN) and then for VLAN options I have VLAN untag ID 100 and VLAN Members 1-4094. 

I do have DHCP enabled on this zone as well. At one point, I am able to ping the R550 so I go into the Web GUI and add the IP of the controller and a few times I have gone into the command lin and done set scg ip and then I do see it show on my WLC, but it goes on and offline a few times before going offline.

At this point, I can ping the IP of the R550, but it does not show in my Zone on the WLC and does not give IP Addresses from the DHCP Pool I have made on the WLC either. I am not sure where I am going wrong...