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Multiple Subnets (Vlans) on the same SSID and assigned to the same AP?

New Contributor
Need to set up the following scenario:

Multiple subnets on the same SSID, example:

VLAN 01:
VLAN 02:
VLAN 03:

I would assign these subnets on the same SSID (TEST), when the client connect to the SSID TEST he falls in VLAN01, and when the second client connect fell in VLAN02 and so on (all configured in just an Access Point).

What to do until now was this same scenario by assigning the subnet to each different Access Point (using the option to Override WLAN Group). My need is to get in a single AP.

NOTE: I researched about this possibility, I have seen other brands where claims to be possible in their solution.

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus does not work the way you describe. I can imagine that you could use a
RADIUS server and use VSAs to send back a Dynamic VLAN assignment, that
would tie a desired VLAN to user identity though, not a round robin method.

New Contributor
Ok, Thank You.