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iPad Disconnection Issues

New Contributor II
First, the gritty details:

iPad 2, iOS version 7.1.2
Ruckus ZD 1100 build 203
Ruckus ZoneFlex 2942 build 203

So, iPad will connect to the WLAN. However, if the screen is locked for about 10 minutes it will become disconnected. I've read other threads about this being an issue with the iPad needing to reauthenticate and to change the grace period, inactivity timer, enable 802.11d, etc. These have all been done with no success.

Also: this issue did not occur before the Ruckus device in place, which leads me to believe it is not an issue with the iPad. However, no other clients are having a similar issue.

Esteemed Contributor II
A 2942 has only 802.11b/g, no 'n' radio, but I would suggest to test with an official
GA, rather than the 9.8 LCS firmware you're using now, and or another AP model. is available now, and ought to be posted shortly.

I apologize, they're actually ZoneFlex R700's that we're using. I'm not sure why I listed that other model.

Valued Contributor II
It seems like is still the latest GA build shown on the support website. Am I missing something?

New Contributor II
Sorry, I'm unsure of how to edit my original post. They're actually ZF R700's, not 2942s.