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Move to R760s Has Been Terrible, I Miss My R710s

New Contributor

This summer I moved my school from R710s to R760s and my SZ100 to a vSZ. The move to the vSZ was painful enough since there is no migration process, but it seems that even with the R760s using the same settings that I had on the old SZ100 w/ R710s, the network is just terrible. I am getting daily complaints of teachers and students losing connection or having slow speeds. I have tried tweaking all kinds of settings large and small, but not much seems to help dramatically. I thought moving channelization to 20 was a fix a few weeks ago, but the problems keep popping up and the R710s were running at 40. Is there some technical aspect that is so different in the R760s that might explain this huge difference? I have about 80 in my environment and used the same placement as my 710s. My WiFi network has run great for years and now I really regret "upgrading". Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @JasonKCD


Thanks for bringing this to our notice! It's little challenging to predict what went wrong in R760s, we need to validate many parameters before concluding. For better tracking purpose, please feel free to log a Support ticket with us, available Engineers could help you out. Please share the AP Support logs from couple of APs the very next time users report connectivity issue. Before reporting a case please validate below power consumption chart.

Note that, R760 APs are WiFi6E capable and consume BT5 power mode to operate at full capacity. See the chart below. To validate the current power consumption, please run "get power-mode" from AP CLI. Specific power can be configured by "set power-mode BT5". 






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