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Migration fromzd1100 to zd1200

I have a zd1125 in a smart redundancy configuration with 14 ZF7982 AP's running Build 30.  I just bought a ZD1200 smart redundancy pair primary has 11 AP's and the secondary has 5.  I read that the ZoneFlex AP's won't connect to a ZD1200 unless they are version 9.9 or higher.  I looked on the knowledge base and didn't see any instructions on how to upgrade/migrate to these newer devices.  Has anyone done this?

Can I import a configuration from my 9.7.1 smart redundancy pair to the new 1200 smart redundancy pair?

Should I/can I roll the ZD1200 back to version 9.7.1 and go from there?

Do I need to upgrade everything to the current 9.7.1 system to the currently unknown version of the 1200's?

Please don't tell me that I need to rebuild from the ground up (aka. that I can't import a configuration or upgrade somehow?).

Do the ZF's care if there if it's a different device?

I want to keep the same IP addresses or maybe I should make them different and then change my DNS record ( at a later date when I want to move over to the new devices?

Any tips or gotcha's that anyone can share?


Valued Contributor II
You can upgarde, but you need to upgrade your old device at least to the version supported by ZD1200 to upgrade from, I suppose. ZD 1200 has probably 9.9 version, as it is the lowest supported by it. So you probably need at least 9.8.2 GA or later
ZD1200 will take configuration backup from ZD1100, but it must be same or supported to upgrade directly version. I am almost sure that 9.7.1 will be not accepted. We have upgraded our old ZD1100 in our lab to ZD1200 using same version (9.9) without losing anything in configuraton.
Hope it helps.

New Contributor III
In your case, I would say you do a back up from ZD1100, then restore it in ZD1200. When you restore it, click the option "just configuration, WLAN, access role...."
After it done, I would update ZD1200 to 9.10 firmware (just optional).
Then you can turn off your ZD1100, so your APs will connect to ZD1200.
Please make sure ZD1200 are same subnet with ZD1100.

One important thing is you need to make sure your ZD1200 have enough licences for your APs.

All the best.

I was told by Ruckus that the firmware versions MUST be the same to import.  So I need to upgrade my current system to 9.9, then export config and import into the 1200's which are at 9.9.


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Todd,  Yes. you are correct.
Upgrade the ZD1100 to the firmware version on which ZD1200 is currently on.
Once upgrade is good and everything is working, pull a backup from ZD1100.
Restore the backup on ZD1200.