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Migration fromzd1100 to zd1200

I have a zd1125 in a smart redundancy configuration with 14 ZF7982 AP's running Build 30.  I just bought a ZD1200 smart redundancy pair primary has 11 AP's and the secondary has 5.  I read that the ZoneFlex AP's won't connect to a ZD1200 unless they are version 9.9 or higher.  I looked on the knowledge base and didn't see any instructions on how to upgrade/migrate to these newer devices.  Has anyone done this?

Can I import a configuration from my 9.7.1 smart redundancy pair to the new 1200 smart redundancy pair?

Should I/can I roll the ZD1200 back to version 9.7.1 and go from there?

Do I need to upgrade everything to the current 9.7.1 system to the currently unknown version of the 1200's?

Please don't tell me that I need to rebuild from the ground up (aka. that I can't import a configuration or upgrade somehow?).

Do the ZF's care if there if it's a different device?

I want to keep the same IP addresses or maybe I should make them different and then change my DNS record ( at a later date when I want to move over to the new devices?

Any tips or gotcha's that anyone can share?


New Contributor

Hi there, i have a question related to the above post but its the total opposite. I have a ZD1200 that was bricked, i know Ruckus offers you a lifetime warranty. I am following the correct procedure to have it replaced but for now I have a ZD1100 as a spare. Am I able to use the backup from my ZD1200 and restore it onto the Zd1100?