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Mesh AP lose connection

New Contributor III
Hello all

i have a setup with a ZD 1200 and 7 T300 APs. It is a mesh setup however 3 of the APs have mesh disabled, 2 act as root APs and 2 as mesh APs with manual AP selection. The issue is that the last 3-4 days i am losing the mesh APs. The root APs look to work fine due to the connected status on the ZD. I receive email notifications about the lost APs sometimes every 30 minutes. First of all i am trying to understand how the notification process works. Please verify or correct me on this. The AP loses heartbeat which actually means lose connection with the ZD. If the connection is not restored within 30 minutes the AP will be restarted. When the ZD lose connection with the mesh AP an email notification will be sent to me. If the connection is never restored the AP will continue to be restarted every 30 minutes and an email will be sent to me every 30 minutes.
Second, if i have a power faillure at the mesh points, will i get the same notification? and i will continue to get the notification every 30 minutes?
Third, is there a way to reject the power faillure scenario from the logs?

Thank you