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Outdoor PoP Link Zone Flax 7731 LAN Problem

New Contributor
ZoneFlax 7731 LAN Problem. WLAN is up but LAN is not connected after restart the radio 12-14Hr is working fine . after 14 hr lan is down but wireless link is working. Pls give the permanent solution urgent basic....

Esteemed Contributor II
Not enough information, but be sure you're running latest zf7731 PtP bridge firmware: 

Need to know your LAN network stability or other issues on both sides, as you report

the WLAN between bridges is staying up.  What kind of switches are 7731s connecting

into, what other devices on the switch, do they see LAN latency or other problems?

Collect a support info file from both side 7731s, and the port interface details from both

side switches they're connected into if you need Tech Support to assist.