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Manually Configure Mesh on AP

New Contributor II
Does anyone know how to manually configure Mesh on an AP? What info is required and what commands are necessary? I've searched through the topics, but can't find anything on it.


Esteemed Contributor II
AP CLI is not officially supported. You may see ZD managed AP feature commands that have no effect on APs used in standalone mode.

New Contributor II
Any ideas how meshed AP's are out-of-sync?

I have a ZF7782 feeding off of a ZF7782-S that's not more than 100m away and clear line of sight.
Worked when we first installed it but now it can't pick the uplink even though 5GHz is working from ZF7782-S.

ZF7782 powered through AC; only issue I can find is due to a number of national power outages happening a few times before it stopped working completely.

ZF7782-S connected to SCG via broadband.
Please help

Esteemed Contributor II
Please open a ticket with Support and provide your ZD Debug Info file (from Administer/Diagnostics).  Tell them which two AP MACs you are interested in
and they can show you (from the ZD debug diag.txt) what RSSI each AP sees
the other.  APs need at least 25 RSSI in both directions to maintain mesh links.

Valued Contributor II
If you can access the Ethernet connection to the failed AP, you can connect some network there (other meshed AP, or P-2-P link) to get connection temporary. If you have no way to connect, you are a bit stuck. You still may have a chance, if AP is transmitting island -xxxxx SSID.