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Is there a clean process for swapping APs?

I need to swap out a bunch of 7962s with R700s... so I'm not ADDING APs, just replacing them. Before I tackle the job, I thought I would ask if there is any clever method of "swapping" an existing AP for a new model, without going through the pain of provisioning a completely new AP, deleting the old, giving the new one the same config/name/etc as old? Anyone gone through this and found a way to save some time/pain?

Esteemed Contributor II
You can simply delete the 7962s from Configure/Access Points page of your ZD, to do half the work.
I'd delete them first, so you don't run out of AP licenses when the R700s connect.
Let your R700s find the ZD and upgrade/provision is fairly painless.  You only need your AP topology
map to re-name the R700s with bldg/floor/location details like you gave your 7962s originally.

Valued Contributor II
You are not running out of licenses, if you disconnect old APs before connecting new once. Disconnected APs don't count, only active APs use the licenses.
Also, if you use AP groups to configure APs, it is quit easy to configure new once -- you just need to put them in a correct group, and give a name, and that's it.