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MacOS cannot connected to Wi-Fi with 802.11x peap (Microsoft Smart card or other certificates) with eap-tls.

New Contributor II
We are using ZoneDirector Model ZD1200 and Rukus Model ZF710 and using 802.11x but MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 with Wi-Fi driver wireless Broadcom 802.11ac.
This PC still cannot be connected to Wi-Fi.
It problem from Rukus ZoneDirector or NPS?
Or MacOS cannot connect to 802.1x PEAP (Microsoft Smart card or other certificates)?
Anyone help me plz.

New Contributor III
Keep auto mode in MacOS when connect one 802.1x  EAP WLAN, don't select EAP-TLS. It should be authenticated pass via EAP-PEAP(MSCHAPv2) automactically.
macOS version 10.13.4

So it does not support 802.1x EAP-PEAP (Microsoft Smart card or other certificates)?

You have to check whether encryption method of aaa server's certificate is 256bit or not.

In lastet version, APPLE device require to 256 bit and 2048 key lenth for aaa server certificate.

Refer to below.

aaa server is 2048 bits and certificate is 2048 bits also.