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Ruckus AP R500 with and ZD1106 with Build 14

New Contributor II
Recently bought a R500 with firmware
Tried to "join" it to the ZD1106 but failure to update firmware
I know that one can't downgrade the R500's firmware. Would updating the ZD's firmware help?
if so, what's the best version that can support the R500's

You need to upgrade zd step by step increase firmware one by one then ap 500 will connect

Thanks Krishan, I will try to downgrade the AP first as the current ZD is alive with a few other APs. I worry updating the ZD's firware might kill the existing setup.

Hi Felix,

If you go to Administer -> Upgrade, there should be a link in there that shows which models that firmware supports. If R500 is there, then all you need to do is to downgrade your WAP to 100.x.x firmware. Firmware is firmware and downgrading/upgrading it should not be an issue. Once the WAP joins the ZD that firmware gets wiped and 9.8 version of it gets installed.

Hope this helps.


I manage to downgrade the R500 to from 104.x.x and tried connecting it to ZD, still being prompted that it can't "update" to 9.8.x.x
I will tried to find another 9.X version and downgrade it further if possible.