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New Contributor

My 510 is stuck in an upgrade loop ..I have 3 access points on my setup and 1 is brand new.

however the company I bought them from is not answering any calls and one of my boxes can’t join the network even though it’s showing as being there.

please could any one help 

should I just buy a new one even though the box is new 

i’m also a novice who only  has some basic knowledge 


Valued Contributor II


There should be no major problem, even if you can't reach reseller.

1. Reset AP to factory (by button), and not connect it to network yet. Connect to AP with ssh (default credentials: super / sp-admin), and check what firmware you have on a box and AP mode:

get version

get director

get scg

get ap-mode

and post results.

Most probably this AP firmware isn't compatible with the version you try to upgrade to for direct upgrade, and some intermediate version is required. It is also possible that your AP has SmartZone image, etc. Post CLI commands results and we'll help you.

Anyway if you bought a new AP, and it is faulty (which is very unlikely, but sometimes happens anyway), you have a limited lifetime warranty directly from Ruckus, so AP will be replaced in such a case.