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Issues with iPad 7th Gen?


We have a Ruckus WiFi with on site ZD1200 and a mixture of 30 R510, R710, R550, R750. The problem I am having only seems to be an issue with iPad 7th gen. We have about 150. We have about 40 iPad Air 3-5 gen and they don’t seem to have this issue.

The issue is the iPad get disconnected from WiFi. The device doesn’t indicate it is disconnected but if the WiFi is turned off and back on again the iPad starts working immediately. The issue is random and can happen with a dozen or so devices a day or less.

This issue wasn’t as bad last year. We replaced our R700 with R550 units. We have an AP per classroom in the rooms having issues. I am trying to figure out if there is some setting in Ruckus that could help. I cannot think of anything to do on the iPad side.


RUCKUS Team Member


It would be interesting to understand the actual status of the ipad when it's got the issue, then we can tell how to fix that. Might it be some Wi-Fi6 features on those ipads?
Taking a packet capture in the wireless interface of the AP during the moment of the issue is great to understand what is going on. If you got the capture send some screenshots so we can share our thoughts.

What is the version of the ZD?

Please open a TAC case if you want to get deep into this.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support