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Issues with ZoneFlex Outdoor AP 7762's

New Contributor II

We are having some issues with our Outdoor AP 7762's for sometime now.

We have around (11) 7762 AP's around campus and we noticed that these AP models are randomly disconnecting from our ZoneDirector 3000, and when it disconnects it will stay disconnected for several hours and will just automatically rejoin the controller afterwards.

We have various ZoneFlex AP's installed and we noticed that it is only the 7762's that are exhibiting this issue. We are using ZoneDirector 3000 series with Software build 49.

Note when the AP is disconnected from the Controller, I can still ping the AP from the network but oddly I cannot SSH into it. We also tried shutting down the PoE port and enabling it to restart the AP's. Sometimes this method works as the AP goes back Online and sometimes it does not.

Any recommendations on how we can fix this issue?