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Upgrade ZF 7363 to ZF R510 on new ZD1200

New Contributor II
I have swapped out our ZD1100 for a new ZD1200 successfully. I used the backup from the ZD1100 V9.8.3 to configure the 1200. Now I can't get it to recognize the 510 APs as I swap the out. Any ideas? I haven't upgraded ZD yet as I don't want to lose my current AP connectivity until I swap them out.

Contributor II
Hi Chet,

I am glad to hear that you replaced ZD110 with ZD1200 successfully. ZD1200 started to support R510 from version 9.13. So, pl upgrade the software to 9.13 or above to get it recognized by ZD1200.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Chet,

   Not to worry (yet).  You'll need to upgrade your ZD1200 to version 9.13 (GA) before the R510
model is supported.

   But about the "worry" part, are all your other model APs *also* supported by 9.13 code?
   See Supported APs, starting on page 7.

   It's best to schedule a Change Management period to perform your ZD upgrades, when
the least number of users will be affected, that is a best practice.

New Contributor II
The ZD1200 says it is at 9.9....Image_ images_messages_5f91c43e135b77e2479ddff2_132ef565e48cd716f614cc457a5ec33c_RackMultipart2017061247651cpfk-09740912-af47-4344-a6de-bc9c473049e8-578351372.png1497300658

New Contributor II
Never mind....l