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Issues with ZoneFlex Outdoor AP 7762's

New Contributor II

We are having some issues with our Outdoor AP 7762's for sometime now.

We have around (11) 7762 AP's around campus and we noticed that these AP models are randomly disconnecting from our ZoneDirector 3000, and when it disconnects it will stay disconnected for several hours and will just automatically rejoin the controller afterwards.

We have various ZoneFlex AP's installed and we noticed that it is only the 7762's that are exhibiting this issue. We are using ZoneDirector 3000 series with Software build 49.

Note when the AP is disconnected from the Controller, I can still ping the AP from the network but oddly I cannot SSH into it. We also tried shutting down the PoE port and enabling it to restart the AP's. Sometimes this method works as the AP goes back Online and sometimes it does not.

Any recommendations on how we can fix this issue? 



Valued Contributor
Hi Tanski,

To check and troubleshoot this you need to do some actions.
When the AP is working then please check if you can ssh to the AP, to verify that ssh is enabled standard.
If it is, I would find it very strange you cannot access it when you can ping it.

What we need is the AP support log of  the AP, in there we can see why the AP cannot connect.

As I see it currently I think its network related.

If you can log into the AP when its not connected to the controller you can run the commands
support show

This will give you the output of the AP support log and has at the bottom the syslog messages.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply.

The 7762 AP's are currently Online and I verified that I can SSH through them.

Not too sure if its a network problem though as I don't really see this issue with other AP models. Only exclusively on this Ruckus 7762 model.

I'm currently waiting for one of them to disconnect to the ZoneDirector so I can try to get the support logs information although my issue now is they are usually mounted on high ceiling so I'm not too sure yet how I can access them physically.



New Contributor II build 49: (Allows Legacy (eol), RSeries APs)

Not sure if you are experiencing what we were experiencing, but here it is:

Check for high CPU usage on the ZD 3000 w/7762. We saw high CPU, on the ZD, had to disable port protection between APs because they trying to speak to each other layer 2. Same deal though we could not reach the APs via SSH.

other indications:
Management to ZD from remote was sluggish, (packet loss), was fine from VMWare on property.
Management to the APs SSH or other could not be established.

This specifically dealt with "Rogue APs & Neighbor APs" communications, and a flooding of packets to the network.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the input,

Our ZoneDirector CPU and Memory seems normal when a 7762 AP goes offline and access to the Management GUI were all ok.

Yes on the SSH, we can ping the AP but cannot SSH to it when this 7762 AP goes offline. SSH to other Online AP's seems to be fine.

Still at a lost on why this is happening and why only these 7762 AP's.