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Issues with MACs and R850

New Contributor

MAC laptops and iPhones stick to an AP, R850, and will not switch to another nearby AP when user moves around, so they experience delays and loose connections.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Ruckus tech support not effective here.



Hi @Tech256 

Have you configured smart roam and still the issue persist. If not can you please go through below and if in case you have an active Ruckus case kindly share the same to look at the progress and debug done so far.

Best Regards


Smart Roam is turned on, but the issue persists.  We've lowered the power to force the roam, but the connection drops even though there is an AP with a few feet of the device.


We will need to dig a bit on the AP positioning and neighbor overlap for this issue. The smart roam is to define RSSI threshold below which AP will send disassociate to the client and look for better one. Kindly log a case with us if not and share the AP support log and client MAC in issue or you can share your availability for the TAC engineer to work further. We can test the roaming between two AP's at first and enable additional debug and capture on both of them to better understand the failure reason.

Best Regards


Valued Contributor

I use a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc. with R850 and don't have any issues. 

What controller platform are you using? Have you configured a higher min BSS rate? 

Is the stick-client issue happening on 2.4, 5GHz or both? If 5GHz have you tried disabling DFS channels to test?