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Issues with MACs and R850

New Contributor

MAC laptops and iPhones stick to an AP, R850, and will not switch to another nearby AP when user moves around, so they experience delays and loose connections.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Ruckus tech support not effective here.


We are using SZ144 for 14 R850.  Ruckus turned off 4 of them to reduce congestion. I have not changed BSS rate.  Issue occurs on both 2.4 & 5 GHz.  We've enabled/disabled DFS Channels, but no change to outcome.  The devices will work for a few days, then disconnects begin.  We've setup two SSID, and they jump from one to another. Very frustrating.  Client angry since Jan deployment.

Thanks for the additional information.  Are you running firmware 5.2.2 MR1 or 6.1?

If the clients have joined both SSIDs and have them both saved, unfortunately there's no way to block clients from 'flapping' between the two SSIDs.  The customer needs to configure their devices to ensure they only have a single SSID (or deploy something such as an MDM solution to restrict this).

It's definitely odd that the network seems settled for a few days before the the disconnects begin. Have you checked your DHCP scope? Are you using ChannelFly or Background Scanning or manual fixed-channels?

Ruckus Analytics would help diagnose these issues, have you discussed a trial with your Ruckus partner?

New Contributor III

Experiencing the same issue, IOS devices appear to be the worst.  They will stick to AP's on different floors, even across our building.  We had abysmal performance (Mbs speeds in the single and double-digits only) due to this stickiness (not just for the clients that won't roam but for clients who are roaming correctly but suffering airtime/interference from the sticky clients).

Here's what I can offer that immediately fixed most of our performance issues:

Set the minimum BSS rate to at least 12 (if you have a lot of APs set it to 24 or even higher) for all SSIDs.  You have to to this through the CLI unfortunately.

Set a very aggressive smart-roam value (I think 5 or 6 was the value that worked the best for us).  Another CLI only setting.

Disable 802.11ax and stick with 802.11ac.  I don't know if its a bad client driver, but with the latest Intel AX drivers (22.160) I was experiencing very odd issues with clients that will associate to AP's farther away than the closest one and refuse to roam out.  Once 802.11ax is disabled, I can't reproduce this issue at all.  This setting is in the GUI located under the Radio section for each SSID.

That should help tremendously.  Our batch of R850's are still questionable on performance (specifically connection throttling) that we never experienced with our older R700's, but with those settings above we now consistently get 500-600Mbs.

New Contributor

I met same issue . SmartZone 100 ; min BSS rate 24mbps ; Only 5G