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Is there a way to verify model number based on serial number?

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I recently purchased a used T300 with Unleashed firmware. However, when I try to set it up, it didn't seem to behave as expected, so I tried applying the Solo firmware to it. The device also seems to report being a P300. The seller claims that it was a T300 and that I must have messed something up by applying incorrect firmware to it.

Is it possible to verify the model number from the serial number? The serial number is 351406000027.



I suppose the board used in P300 and T300 is the same. Difference between them is antenna -- P300 has static 5Ghz sector antenna, T300 -- 2.4GHz and 5Ghz omni Ruckus antennas, therefore different device size. 

So I would not concentrate on board name, but investigate why no SSID is transmitted.

1st - check that WiFI services are enabled and configured for each radio. Check support log file.

If no success -- everything looks fine, but no RF output, and as you  are out of warranty,  open the device and check that RF cables from antennas are firmly connected to the board.

       Ruckus outdoor units are very reliable (I haven't yet seen any faulty, even units which are 10 years old!) but I had one case that immediately after delivery we found that one of the  outdoor AP performs very badly (very low level of RF output). I arranged   RMA, but couldn't help my curiosity and opened the device.

And reason for the  problem became very obvious -- antenna cable was almost unplugged from radio-board. So I plugged all cables back firmly, and AP became good again.     

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Albert,

This AP serial is not registered.

Could you check the APs bottom panel and find out the sticker which should have all the required information about this device.

A screenshot will help.

Syamantak Omer
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