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Ruckus R720 URL filtering license when connectivity lost

New Contributor


I have two Unleashed R720 APs ( in mesh configuration with wireless backhaul.  After some wrangling between CDW and Ruckus, I secured 3-year URL filtering licenses for both and installed them.  It works great, allows me to better manage and monitor content access, but I've run into a weird bug.  Yes, I believe this is actually a bug versus a new feature request.

Whenever connectivity is lost (e.g. due to maintenance of the firewall or switch) the master AP reports the URL filtering feature is unlicensed ("number of licenses [0] is less than number of APs" or similar) and proceeds to disable it on all networks.  The license is usually renewed online within 30-60 minutes, but the URL filtering feature remains disabled until I manually enable the feature again under Access Control.

This is a nuisance for my small deployment, but I can't begin to imagine how this would work in a commercial environment.  If anyone has suggestions on how to fix it myself, I am happy to try!



Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Dan,

Thanks for reporting this.

Allow us sometime, we will check this internally and see if this is expected or not.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI