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Is there a way to verify model number based on serial number?

New Contributor

I recently purchased a used T300 with Unleashed firmware. However, when I try to set it up, it didn't seem to behave as expected, so I tried applying the Solo firmware to it. The device also seems to report being a P300. The seller claims that it was a T300 and that I must have messed something up by applying incorrect firmware to it.

Is it possible to verify the model number from the serial number? The serial number is 351406000027.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Albert,

We do not see any details from the Serial number, could you please cross check on the Serial number again.


Sanjay Kumar


When I log to the CLI, I see the following:

ruckus(ap-mode)# get boarddata
name:     P300
magic:    35333131
cksum:    1138
rev:      5.4
Serial#:  351406000027
Customer ID: 4bss
Model:    P300

Image_ images_messages_61d3b48c8760d734b516ed77_c1fb197ea80bbfa8cc71cf9ae02f82b6_IMG_5519-54f47689-11a4-453d-a9a2-624fbdddd265-1940569385.jpg
The seller is now suggesting that I somehow broke the device by flashing what was sold to me as a T300 (and now claimed to be a T300e with T300 firmware). However, as far as I can tell, the T300 and T300e firmwares are the same for each version (md5 checksums are the same). I'm actually now more concerned that I may have messed things up by flashing a P300 with a T300 firmware, though it seems that may not be an issue since it continues to take various versions of the software, but won't come up as an access point. I suspect that it would come up as a standalone root AP.
Any advice you could give in terms of what device it is that I actually have in my hands would be greatly appreciated.

Contributor III

The T300 or T300e are noticeably larger than the P300.  I don’t have either one in front of me, but I’d say the P300 is around 7” on the long side and the T300 is at least 2” longer (9-9.5”). Also, the location and labeling on the LEDs is totally different. The P300 LEDs are right next to the ethernet jack. The T300 LEDs are up on the main body.  The middle LED on the P300 is labeled “ROOT”; T300 was either DIR or CTL (don’t recall).  

@david_black_5940365 Well, so it's confirmed that I have a T300 then! The LEDs are up on the main body and the 2nd LED is labeled DIR. What I can't figure out then is why it thinks it's a P300 and won't broadcast any networks.