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Is there a way to reboot ALL R710's at once?

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We have approximately 150 R710's deployed. The complex I work at has some power related issues. When this happens AP's come back up and can be communicated with via the webconsole but clients cannot get out to the internet. Typically I just reboot the AP that I see the client connected to and off we go.

What I would like to be able to do, instead of spending most of the day randomly rebooting AP's is just reset all of them at once when I see that we've had a power outage or interruption without having to click 150 blue arrows.

Is there a plan to have this ability implemented or another method to do this that anyone is aware of?

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You can accomplish this by using the remote ap cli commands.

If you are using a ZD the cli command from within the debug menu is as follows:
rksap_cli -A "reboot now"

I appear to have misclicked the products. I'm using a Smartzone 100, not a ZoneDIrector, and on the debug menu there doesn't seem to be a rksap_cli command to run. Thanks for the attempt, sorry for the confusion.

providing all the AP's are in the same Zone you can accomplish this using a KSP script:

reboot now
Just save the above script to a file with a file extension of .ksp

Then go to the Administration >> Diagnostics >> AP CLI Script:
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Other than that you can extract all the MAC addresses to a csv file and then add the following line to a column infront of the MAC address and then copy, paste, right click in the CLI of the SZ:
Welcome to the Ruckus SmartCell Gateway 200 Command Line Interface

SZ> en

Password: *************

SZ# remote ap-cli

     AP MAC address

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