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Using USB HDD with R720 AP?

Contributor II
Having upgraded my network with a new ZD1200 and R720 APs I'm now looking for new NAS.  Part of the solution is going to be an effective back-up solution.  

This may be a basic/stupid question, but can I simply plug a USB HDD into one of my R720s and back up to this?  This would give me the advantage that I can put my back-up in a different location to my server closet.  I'm likely to be going for a Synology NAS.  If this is feasible would there be any upper limit on the size of USB HDD.

Prefer if this can simply be managed from the Synology NAS/ZD 1200 rather than the complication of CLI.

Sorry if this question is a little basic!

Contributor III
No. The USB port is meant exclusively for iot operations. This is not a consumer AP.

Contributor II
Thanks Diego.  Stopped me going down the wrong path.