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Is there a CLI reference guide for ZF7372 AP?

New Contributor II
I can't find anything in the technical documents section. There are several CLI guides for ZoneDirector and FlexMaster. But I'm looking for a guide for an 7372AP in a standalone mode. I also tried to search "CLI", but there was no results. Could you please provide a link.

9.8 CLI Guide Reference.

it is ZoneDirector or FlexMaster CLI guides
but I need the ZoneFlex CLI

Ruckus does not officially support AP CLI.  There may be ZD managed AP commands seen in standalone mode, that cannot be configured, etc.

Esteemed Contributor II
For Toomas who Liked my comment above... We do support Solo/Standalone AP version CLI commands (more or less) versus
and AP that was SZ or ZD managed and then factory defaulted.  So explore the commands available under the CLI if you run a
version like for the 7372, the AP model this question was originally asked about (two years ago, before 104.x was out)

New Contributor
Thank you for supporting Solo/Standalone AP version CLI commands.
Why dont you make a command references?